Tuesday, March 17, 2015

NAKED Palettes review

Hi girls!
Today, I chose to speak to you Pallets " Naked " of the brand Urban Decay: NAKED3 and NAKED2 BASIC.But before beginning, I am sure that most of you know very well this brand; their pallets are often very promoted and raised by Youtubers... But know that it was a time when Urban Decay was not so known, where we asked " What? Urban Decay? What is it? "...Well I have to admit you that my first pallet of make-up, 12 years ago (Olala what time spends fast!), was a pallet of this brand. And luckily, I always have it, here is the beauty:

Birthday present for my 15 years, you will agree on it, it is a little an antiquity... It is not any more in very good state, but we can perceive the panel of tints and very granular texture which it offered in mauve, brown-beige tones, silver and gold now, with, besides, an iridescent pink cream.

These shadows proposed at that time, spangled for the greater part, had very bad holding. Indeed, the glitter had fast made find themselves on cheeks but their attractive discreet color had made for me a very favorite. Maybe it was so simply because it was my FIRST real pallet!...
As you can see here, the texture of the shadows was very granular, and very dry...

Difficult thus, not to try to draw a parallel with the most known current pallets: NAKED1, NAKED2, NAKED3, as well as NAKED BASIC and NAKED2 BASIC.
Three first ones present especially spangled, iridescent, rich tints, whereas both last ones propose tenites " naked ", that is natural, often matt or semi-matt...

For lack of making a review completes on all the available pallets, both nominated will be the dear NAKED2 BASIC and NAKED3 today.

Why only these two pallets you will tell me? Simply because, having a complexion very pale pinkish ivory, it is both pallets of their range that suit best in my complexion and which I have at present.

The pallet NAKED2 BASIC, small-sized, as long which his ancestor of him has 12 years there, is a little shorter, with integrated mirror, but does not arrange an applicator. Sober, apparently solid, she transports itself without any problem in a handbag.

The shadows are presented from the light to the darkest, as usual to this brand.
Here, from left to right:
SKIMP, beige one matt salmon
STARK, a similar tint in skimp but more darkened matt
FRISK, beige-brown ice-cold matt one
COWORM, a matt chestnut
PRIMAL, a matt chocolate
UNDONE, one mole darkened matt

Concerning NAKED3, the pallet proposes a wide range of tints: 12 in everything, inspired by the colors which takes the sky during a sunset.
An applicator is also supplied, having a different brush in every extremity: the one smaller and flattens for aplats and precise pose of make-up; the second more thick and rounded off to melt make-up and make stumps.
The size, rather big, does not unfortunately allow a transport for alterations in the days, but with a base applied beforehand, no need of alterations!...

The shadows here, always from left to right:
STRANGE, beige matt
OUST, iridescent pink
BURNOUT, salmon pink semi-matt
LIMIT, matt powder pink
BUZZ, iridescent pink-mauve
TRICK, iridescent orange-colored pink
NOONER, matt dark powder pink
LIAR, semi-matt beige pink
FACTORY, iridescent pinkish chestnut
MUGSHOT, iridescent glace chestnut
Semi-matt DARKSIDE, mole
BLACKHEART, purple very very dark (almost black) spangled

The holding of make-up proposed by these two pallets (and thus their counterparts), is clearly superior than that of their ancestor: finer, more homogeneous, lighter texture, richer colors. Very easy to apply and to work, these make-up guarantee a completely clean and exceptional result, for the least talented.

It is besides possible to stress the holding, to prevent the colors from spining in the folds of eyelids and from intensifying colors by applying beforehand an eye shadow primer.
The Urban Decay's one, is, in my opinion, and by far the best of those whom I was able to test.

But of course, and it is there finally maybe the most interesting, it is completely possible, and even recommended, to mix and to associate make-up of the various paletts : all the make-up Urban Decay are compatible between them. And even if it is the case to most of the brands as SLA, Make Up For Ever, for make-up declined in several tints and aspects, as at Urban Decay, it allows an infinite number of combinations, for a make-up always successful. 

Concerning the report - quality price, nothing to say: affordable for the quality and the number of make-up by pallet. Of first access, pallet NAKED 1,2 and 3 can seem to be an investment, but the brush is of excellent quality and handling, and the palett is very fast made profitable there.
With any doubt, pallets Urban Decay, for me, are a MUST HAVE!...

And you, do you have one ? What do you think ?